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Why Escorts Need To Be Paid A Better Price

Why Escorts Need To Be Paid A Better Price

When an average escort is capable to work at least 2,000 hours every year, then her income is going to place her at a top of 0.5% at the earning distribution.

It is a mystery still about how these women can be able to make 280 dollars every hour doing what people normally do free of charge. It is possible that some people may argue that they are working a risky job full of possibility of arrest, disease and violence. However, if the earning works hand in hand of the risk, the girls in the street would be the one that earns more. However, for them, they earn less and the average is 27 dollars per the hour.

Being paid for the lost opportunities

When a woman decides to be an escort, it limits the possibility of getting married in the future and the money she makes, it is the compensation in having made this choice. The earning data does suggest that women who work in the street have limited prospects for marriage and they want to get some compensation from the trade they are doing. However, the escorts at another hand, they are being drawn from the socio economic group which has better chance of getting married and they want to get even high premium when they decide to enter into such trade.

There was evidence done trying to support how escort earn. Most of the escorts join the trade in their twenties, but they earn less as new in the job. They earn the most when they are in 26-30 and this decreases again when they are in the 30. When the women start to age, it becomes even harder for them to get married and they have to be paid more so that they do not exit the industry to marry. When a woman is already in the 30s, then the future prospects will be limited, which means that the woman does not have to be compensated too much so that she can stay in the industry.

They have to take good care of themselves

The escort wears nice dresses and they speak well. They are talented and they can pass off a girlfriend or a wife. They will roll with the people who are wealthy and they will not be different from them. Most people who had used their services, they end up bragging about how much they spend on the woman and how much she is worthy.

The escorts are paid more since it is about the quality. Some men worry about sleeping with the prostitute because they will get STDs or even HIV. Sleeping with a street girl; the risk of getting something increases. The Hooker asks to get only few dollars for some hours and he can sleep with over 20 people in one week.

The high end will sleep with only few people every week since she makes good money. She also chooses to sleep with rich people only. This means that the risk factor will not be the same. The high end girls also look too good in comparison of the regular girls.