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How Does Being Sexually Abused Affect Relationships?

How Does Being Sexually Abused Affect Relationships?

Sexual abuse is also known as molestation. It is an undesired sexual behavior by a person to another. If being forced to do so, it is normally done in a short span of time. It is called sexual assault. The offender is known to as a sexual abuser or a sexual molester. The use of a child or any other younger individuals than those who are of age for sexual stimulation is known to as child sexual abuse. It may also be called statutory rape at times. Being a sexually abused child has bad effects to the wellbeing of the person as he/she grows up. It will also badly affect the relationship the child will be into as he/she grows up.

How being abused affects the interpersonal results?

There is an increasing proof that kids who have been molested during their childhood have greater hardships in dealing with interpersonal relationships. That is because it has something to do with trust when compared to those who do not go through the same incident during their childhood. It has been given that their trusts have been broken and their rights have been violated when they were abused. This is not a surprise anymore.
Moreover, the secrecy along with the feeling of being exposed to the world makes them feel the guilt and they are confused about what they will feel. This will interfere with the wellbeing of the child. This will affect how the child along with the adults will comprehend and deal with him/her, how the motivation will go through and how the child will deal with the others. The child will have a hard time handling personal issues during their adulthood, especially if the abuser is a family member or someone close to the child.

The long-term effects of child abused

Those who suffered from being abused during childhood somehow feel the guilt when they grow up. It may be odd, because there is nothing to feel guilty off, since the child is not the abuser. This must not be felt at all. But, they feel the guilt since they think this incident will never happen if they did something to prevent it from happening.

The body is designed to be able to respond to sex in a positive manner. Apart from that, the human body is considered a machine. It is when you stimulate it sexually, it will feel good and the person will not be able to have enough control of what will occur. Even those who were victimized by rape have reported that it felt good somehow. That’s even if they were frightened and forced to do the act without their consent. They also share the feeling that they are very much embarrassed and guilty about what happened to them. But, even if you don’t want such thing to happen and they even hate it, the sexual response is a reflex that is hard to control. This is another reason why the guilt is very much common for those who were abused during their childhood.